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5 Tips for choosing the Best Face Cream For Wrinkles

Once we reach the age of 40 our body stops manufacturing collagen. Collagen is our skin’s structural protein. The result is collagen depleted skin. The skin is experiencing loss of elasticity that will result in the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles.

Recent studies have concluded that the age of collagen loss is earlier, around the age of 35.
Collagen replenishment is one of the key factors in a skin anti-aging regime.

Today, you can find in the market place solutions that are natural, organic and chemical, I will address them shortly.

What is the cause for collagen production to seize at the age of 40 and why in some cases the age drops to 35?

Since the introduction of Antibiotics to medical treatments, our life expectancy has increased dramatically. In the 19th century life expectancy for men and women was 40-42 years. Our body until now is unable to “catch up” yet. In some cases collagen production seizes at 35 – as a result of consumption of processed food.

The second ingredient that has a big impact on our skin’s anti aging is Hyluronic Acid.
Hyaluronic acid is what provides our facial skin and other areas in our body with volume.

The third ingredient is Elastin – Elastin is responsible for the skin’s elastic abilities, Elastin gets depleted like Collagen and at the same time.

The following are my 5 Tips:

1. Use a skin tightening cream – basically check out the ingredients and research if the ingredients in the cream will provide counter measures against gravity and loss of elasticity.

2. Make sure you a cream that has ingredients that are very LMW (low molecular weight), that will enable penetration deep to the bottom layers of the dermis.

3. Cleanse your face well before applying any product

4. Remember that even the best anti wrinkle cream needs to be supported with a highly effective firming serum that will be applied first.

5. If you choose to take the “chemical approach” – make sure that you get a product that will encourage the self restart of collagen production, such ingredients are usually Bip-peptides, the peptides (short string amino acids) send a signal to the skin to restart collagen production.

Examples of ingredients that are counter gravity are: Retinol, Vitamin C, AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acids)

Examples of Bio Peptides are: Dermaxyl, Matrixyl, Synthe’6, Idealift.

Example of products that meet the requested ingredients mix are:

Vegan and Organic – Eleanor Firming Serum of The Skin Care Queens

Chemical based – Dr. Kadir’s New Collagen line and Creative line. The two mentioned lines are known to a have products which the best anti wrinkle cream for dry and mature skin.

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