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Change the Way You look at Skin Care - combination skin care products

From time to time I hear the following comment:

“Skin care is a waste of time, it is all about genetics… you are born with what god has given you.. a waste of money, it does nothing”.

These conceptions are in most part wrong, genetics have a lot to do with your skin but not only and when it plays a negative roll – the right skin care is the way to go.

In a few moments I will deal with two types of skin care products which are very important in my opinion: Organic anti aging and combination skin care products.

I would like to explain about skin care products in general: some of the sentences that I brought in the beginning are partially true.

In order for a cream or any other skin care product, gel, oil etc. to be effective, the ingredients MUST have the ability to penetrate deep through the three layers of the skin:

The epidermis which is the exterior layer is responsible for blocking water and is responsible of the skin’s tone. The second is the dermis and the deepest is the Hypodermis, epidermis. Both deep layers are responsible for the skin’s function, connective tissues and glands.

In order to be effective the active ingredients must reach both deep layers, this can be achieved only with ingredients which have a LMW (low molecular weight). These types of ingredients are responsible for anti-aging effects.

Two types of skin care products are effective although they just deal with the dermis and they are sun protection creams and face massage products.

Excluding protecting the skin from sun damage, these products are more cosmetic than anti-aging.

In respect to Organic anti aging, again, the key is in the ingredients not in the cultivation of the crops. The ingredients have to have LMW in order to be effective and in a substantial concentration in order to have a long lasting effect.

Combination skin care products can be Organic – but they are really suited for people with an active T zone or that their skin moisture and oil levels change with the season. The same rule will apply here, the ingredients in combination skin care products must as well have a LMW.

Posted by The Skin Care Queens, June 6, 2017 Posted in Combination skin care products

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