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Does an Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Really Work - Discover the Truth Now

More than once we read or see an advertisement telling us about the miracle around the corner, an “anti aging” cream.

Most of the people reading the ad ignore it or smile when reading the content. I personally find the young model photographed with her anti-aging face, to be totally ridicules. I guess anti-aging works on a 24 year old model’s skin.

But Does an Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Really Work?

One answer would be – it depends who you ask, but in factual terms, yes it does.

In order for the Anti aging cream to perform the desired functions it has to have the ability to meet the following standards:

The molecular weight of the ingredients MUST be very small – by that enabling the ingredients to reach deep into the inner layers of the dermis, without getting there – no cream will work.

The cream must NOT contain ingredients that will clog the pores.

Certain ingredients have to be chosen for specific functions – such as collagen for restoring volume and flexibility.

hyaluronic acid – for volume restoring and moisture retention

Fatty Acids – for skin nourishment and enrichment

Organic Butters – moisture level

Vitamin E, C & A

One of the ingredients mentioned above is hyaluronic acid. In the past anti aging creams did not contain this ingredient for a very simple reason, up to seven years ago, they could not reach a substance which has a low molecular weight and as a result the hyaluronic acid could not penetrate deep enough, instead the hyaluronic acid was delivered by injection.

Now, it is all changed.

Another very effective set of ingredients in an Anti Aging Cream that does work, you can find in a skin care line called Bio Spa Sea of Spa.

This particular combination of ingredients in the Bio Spa Sea of Spa line reaches its high performance and results from the fact that each of the following ingredients basically complements each other:

Omega 3 for maintaining the skin’s suppleness, Omega 6 for delays the appearance of wrinkles, Omega 9 – powerful antioxidants, the Dunaliella alga ( a recently discovered algae in the Dead Sea) – rich with pro-vitamin A, Sea Buckthorn Oil – Vitamins A, C & E.

Very similar combination, but in a vegan form, is found in vegan anti aging skin care that will replace the Omega 3, 6 , 9 which are extracted from Fish Oil with Fantastic plant based Butters and Oils that do exactly the same function as the none vegan combination but with a “feel good” to go with.

For results, Bio Spa Sea of Spa line can clearly deliver but so can a good quality, well crafted vegan anti aging skin care option.

Posted by The Skin Care Queens, May 12, 2017 Posted in Anti aging wrinkle cream

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