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Dry Skin Care is Easy

People that have dry skin are constantly on the watch for skin care products which are suitable for their skin type.

But what to choose is a question they face each time when they are by the skin care section.

I guess in order recognize the best skin care products for dry skin, we clearly need to identify our needs and at the same time check that the performance / ingredients in the products if they meet our needs.

What are our needs – dry skin will cause constant irritation and discomfort in particular during the winter months, at that time the air outside is very dry and the air indoors is usually heated which contributes even more to the skin’s dryness – so we need calming ingredients to stop the skin’s irritation, we need moisturizing agents to soften and provide moisture to the skin up layers and the deep dermis layers.

In addition we should look for ingredients such as fatty acids, Organic butters and carrier oils to enrich the moisture barrier on one hand and to smooth out wrinkles on the other hand.

While considering the wants and needs – two particular products contain the ingredients we are looking for: Vegan serum and Collagen Serum.

It is true that vegan serums are linked to a natural and clean lifestyle – but since vegan products are free from any animal testing or ingredients linked to animals and fish, other ingredients such as Organic butters and oils are largely present. These ingredients by nature are very moisturizing and deep penetrating.

The second type of product is a Collagen Serum.

Collagen Serum does not fall under the umbrella of vegan products – but unintentionally they may be vegan.

Collagen Serum is not the “ready to go“ packs of collagen masks or packed that in some case are taken from animals but a Serum that contains ingredients called: Bio-mimetic Peptides. Basically, the way the thus serum performs is simple: these Peptides which are human engineered short strings of amino acids to mimic a chemical massage to the skin resulting in a restart of the Collagen production that naturally stop in our body around the age of 40.

The self produced collagen will enrich the skin and provide it with nourishment that will balance the moisture level.

The last piece of the puzzle is why to a serum in the first place?

The reason is that serums when spread onto the skin before any cream – will enhance the penetration of the ingredients of the cream, by that they will increase the moisture barrier and reduce drastically dryness.

Posted by The Skin Care Queens, May 2, 2017 Posted in Dry Skin Care Products

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