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Dry Skin

What are dry skin care products? Well, the answer is that dry skin care products are designed and composed for people with dry skin.

Dry skin care products are unique in respect to the ingredients in the products.

The products target dehydration, lack of nourishment, naturally dry skin and dryness of the skin caused by the winter weather.

In dry skin care products the types of ingredients found are essential oils and fatty acids.

It is important to understand that dry skin care products because they contain a high concentration of oils and fatty acids must be able to carry the products rapidly into the upper layers and deep into the dermis – what is usually described as quick absorption.

Oily skin care products are just the opposite; they are oil free and fatty acids free.

Dry skin care products include: Black Pearl Day Cream, Black Pearl Perfect Day Cream 45+, the entire New Collagen line, the entire Creative Line by Dr. Kadir.

Oily skin care products include: B3 by Dr. Kadir, Black Pearl Light Day Cream, the entire Light E+C line.

Posted by The Skin Care Queens, December 3, 2015 Posted in Dry Skin Care Products

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