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Face Mask- And Mini Facial!
September 5, 2016

Yap, before I can even begin talking about masks, I must take into consideration the stressful and busy times that we are all living in. The former is the biggest reason to actually use masks.

Other reasons for applying masks could be but not only; Acne, Imbalanced moisture level in the skin, such as, too oily, too dry, etc.

OK, so ideally, you want to be relaxed when your wearing your face mask on, giving your skin the best time to absorb the active ingredients in the mask, to allow blood pressure slow down a bit and give your body the time needed for recovery from your day to day activities, however, if we don’t get the time to sit 10-15 minutes and relax with our mask, doesn’t meter what your reasoning or excuses are, you might as well do “mask on the go” as I call it.

Mask on the go is simply saying; choose one task that takes you anywhere between 10-15 minutes, and just before starting to perform the task, take a minute to apply your beauty mask on, by the time you are done with your task, you will be done with the mask as well, just wash it off.

Another option that always works for me is scheduling my mask for the weekend. That normally will be the first thing in my morning routine of my day off.

Small tip on how to get the best of your beauty mask, basically, this is a mini facial:

  • Wash you face and dry with face cloth

  • Use your toner with a cotton ball

  • exfoliate your face, neck for at list 3-5 minutes, I like using a timer, wash well and dry the skin with a face towel

  • Apply on your serum and be generous, massage it in until fully absorbed

  • Apply your beauty mask and follow the instructions of use

  • Moisturize you face and enjoy the beauty of the results


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