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The best Sea Of Spa Black Pearl cream

The Black Pearl skin care is a skin care line that has many different creams, serums cleansers and masks.

Sea of Spa Black Pearl is called Black Pearl for the simple reason that one of the main ingredients in the line is real Black Pearl powder.

Black Pearls which can be found only in two geographical locations in the world – Tahiti and Madagascar, are composed of amino acids but more importantly, they are made of calcium.
Calcium is stored in our body, the quantity of calcium that is naturally present in our body is not enough that is why it takes calcium from our skin resulting in skin calcium deficiency.

That is why it is such a vital ingredient to have in Sea of Spa Black Pearl line.

But what is the best Black Pearl cream suitable for your type of skin.

Let us start with the most basic of our cream needs: our daily moisturizer, or in other words the right day cream.

The term Day Cream is what we usually refer to when we mean a moisturizer.

There are three Black pearl day creams:

Black Pearl Light Day Cream – this very light textured cream is oil free, contains 25 spf and like the other creams in the scent use is a combination of seaweed and cucumber.

This cream is suitable for people with mixed skin, oily skin and normal skin type.

Sea of Spa Black Pearl Day Cream is for dry skin and for dry and mature skin, it contains also 25 spf.

Sea of spa Black Pearl perfect day 45+ is intended for very der – to ultra dry skin, it contains as well 25 spf.

Some additional active ingredients compose this cream, such as Hyaluronic acid, bio peptides and retinol.

Sea of Spa Black Pearl skin care line contains as well – a night cream which is suitable for all skin types as well as a whole selection of masks.

One mask in particular stands out, that is the Sea Of Spa Black Pearl Peeling Mask.

The mask really has two functions:

It is an exfoliating mask that means it is a face scrub and it is a treatment mask.

All the products in Sea of Spa Black Pearl skin care line contain Black Pearls in a powder form, in the Sea Of Spa Black Pearl Peeling mask the pearls are in a granule form – that enables very delicate and fine exfoliation.

Once total exfoliation is performed all over the face and forehead, the mask should be left on the skin for an additional 10 – 20 minutes depending on the skin type. The remaining of the mask is to be gently removed by using a wet cloth.

Knowing your skin is the first step in choosing the right black pearl cream and product for you.

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