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Here in Toronto we begin to feel the end of summer, fall is just around the corner, and I say, let’s get ready.

what does it mean. let’s get ready?

Well, as much as some of us might try and do the best to expose themselves to the sun during the summer, we still get the exposure, OK, so we got abundance of Vitamin D on, but, we also gave our skin allot of damage, some is visible now, some will be more visible in the future. High exposure to the sun, can increase blemishes, imbalanced pigments, create a lack of collagen, that on it;s one can wrinkle the skin even further.

So now that we have a good reason to get ready, let’s see what we can do.

To begin, minimize your time in the sun, even now, when it is less hot, the sun is still strong and still work it’s magic – meaning UVA & UVB (the two are unfriendly).

Boost up the use of your hydration mask, if you used it once a week, make it twice.

Go easier on your exfoliation for a little while, mostly after so much sun, the skin already is peeling itself.

Get a richer a night cream or boost up your night cream with oil based serum. (You can read more about serum in my previous post  About Serum)

Drink more water and do the best you can to sleep more.

So let’s get ready for the coming fall and be our kind of beauty, a Queen’s beauty.

Your Truly The Skin Care Queens

Beauty Queen

Posted by The Skin Care Queens, September 10, 2016 Posted in Skin Care Products

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