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How To Choose My Skin Care?
September 26, 2016

You know when you walk into a skin care or beauty products store and you feel overwhelmed by the verity on the shelves?

Even when you walk by any personal care department in big stores, there are so many options out there,  that makes it a bit of a challenge to choose.

So, as one of the queens I thought it will be nice to help a bit with that.

  • First, know what type of skin you wear; normal skin, oily,  combination/ T zone, dry etc.

  • What is it that you’re skin needs, for example,  if you wear at the moment oily skin, no reason to choose a moisturizer,  maybe, you should consider starting with good balancing cleanser, or a very light oil free cream. Maybe if you’re skin is very dry, doesn’t make sense getting a deep exfoliating.  Know the needs of your skin.

  • Set your budget first. Expensive doesn’t always mean better and cheap is not always bad. Work with your pockets.

  • Test on your hands first,  make sure you LOVE the smell and texture of the product, it’s ok shouldn’t do it. At list not for me. I always want to get excited about what I am applying on my skin.

  • Look for clear ingredients,  don’t be afraid of words you don’t recognize, sometimes it’s just the scintific name of an ingredient, look for info about it.

  • Start slow and grow into the habits of taking care of your skin. You better start with one item knowing what to do with it, than buying a whole kit of products forgetting which item is for what and when.

  • I’m sure we can list many more guidelines to help you, but at list we have something to start with.

    So, next time in a beauty store, you will be less overwhelmed and more focus on your skin’s needs.

    Yours truly The Skin Care Queens.

    How To Choose My Skin Care?

    Posted by The Skin Care Queens, September 26, 2016 Posted in Skin Care Products

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