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Just Before The Winter
September 23, 2010

So yes, it is official, fall has arrived, we are getting ready to “welcome” the cold, Canadian winter days.

Most people feel that during the winter a moisturizing cream does not do deliver the required moisture level to the skin, a lot of people think that the way to deal with this condition is changing to a more concentrated, richer cream. From time to time this may work, but what happens to a combination / oily skin that some days becomes dry up to an irritating level?

I recommend not to hurry and change the moisturizing cream, in particular when you think that finally you have found the cream which is right for you, as you well know, finding the “ideal” cream does not happen over day.

A solution that always helps me to avoid dryness of my skin even at the coldest days of the year (please remember, I live in Toronto, cold winter is a trivial term around here) is to combine your cream with a facial serum, a concentrated serum can be based on gel or cream. Serum is known for its ability to enhance the absorption of active ingredients of a cream that will follow.

If the skin has a tendency on normal days to be combination and have an unbalanced moisture or tend to have excess level of moisture, in case that the forecast for the upcoming days is for cold and dry days, I recommend to use a gentle serum, not too concentrated, ( for the ones using our products, a good example is the New Collagen Serum) on top of the serum your regular moisturizing cream should be applied.

If the skin has a tendency on normal days to be of combination type but have a lower moisture level, then on days when the cold weather is known in advance, I recommend using a more concentrated and rich serum such as the Alternative Plus serum or the Black Pearl serum. Of course, always remember to drink lots of water (like you are used to do on hot summer days), if drinking water is a hard then drink herbal tea instead.

Wish you all a magical day.

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