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A great deal of men and women get to the point that they start noticing symptoms of changes in their facial skin such as:

A lack of balance in the skins moisture level, tiny red dots, and over dryness etc. In many cases, the search for quick treatment is to find the right organic moisturizing cream and the ideal regime.

Nothing is wrong with this practice, on the contrary, it will definitely assist with dealing with the existing symptoms, but will the results hold? are the symptoms not going to return and reappear on the skin?

The answer is clearly NO.

A good friend of mine, Uri Tulguy, said to me once “the inner beauty in an external dimension”, this phrase can be applied to many instances, I decided in this article to deliver the message about the importance of food and beverage that we choose to allow into our bodies, as they provide us with our external look, for example colourful menus enriched with fruits and vegetables will help us maintain a lighter and energetic body.

In practice, the correct combination of the right menu and the correct products, come into play. I am not a nutritionist, for ten years I am in the field of fitness and training, but I believe that I am permitted to say that finding the correct food for your body is one of the easiest things to do. Finding the correct balance between carbohydrates, fats and proteins will help to maintain the skin’s elasticity and its health. Increase your consumption of water in order to help maintain the skin’s moisture balance – that will help slowing down the rate of collagen loss in the facial skin. Reduce as much as possible your intake of saturated fats – that will help the reappearance of breakouts, identify what vitamins and minerals help you feel reenergized, maintain a balanced and renewed level of energy will add glow to your facial skin and enhance you young and fresh look. Check your rate of caffeine consumption in relation to colour of your skin under the eyes, in many instances a high rate of caffeine consumption (and lack of sleep) will create black circles under the eyes.

To summarize, I can relate it all to the fitness field (sorry, I am a fitness frick :)), you can spend hours in a gym, spinning classes and aerobic sessions classes, but if you will not incorporate correct nutrition that meets your daily calorie burn, very quickly your athletic and healthy look of your body will be lost as well as physical weaknesses will constantly appear throughout your day, the same applies to our facial skin.

Search the food that is good for you, the food that really makes you feel good, try to stick to it, be creative with your menu. Eating a lot of fats, sugars, lack of proteins, vitamins and minerals will cause the facial skin to look tired and old. I am always happy to receive tips about low in fat and low ain carb recepies that are rich in protein – but yet tasty.

Posted by The Skin Care Queens, September 3, 2010 Posted in Nutritions

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