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Vegan and Cruelty – Free Beauty Brands You Need Know About

Vegan life style deals as we all know with no animal bi-products or anything to do with animals or use of dead animals.

Clearly, people who are vegan are against any type of animal cruelty while growing the animals, testing on animals or any slight abuse of animals.

This last statement is true not only about vegan individuals but in Canada and in particular in Toronto – 70% of the shoppers of Beauty products are asking for Cruelty – Free products and 45% will not buy products which are NOT Cruelty –Free.

It is important to understand the major differences between the two.

Individuals that search and buy products that are Cruelty Free are more concerned with testing of products on animals; they are usually less concerned with source of the products, whether they are of living source or plant based.

People who look for vegan skin care in Toronto are in most part vegan, some just feel discomfort with certain ingredients or just go with the flow.

Vegan individuals are naturally being promoters of Animal Cruelty – Free products. They are against any use whatsoever of any ingredient that has anything to do with animal, birds, fish, shellfish or anything that may harness animals to produce ingredients by tricking them such as Bees that produce honey, against the use of palm oil etc.

In the last few years there has been an increase in demand for vegan skin care products from people who usually would use oily skin care products. The reason is that people who in the past used oily skin care products have been breaking out and they were able to direct the cause to animal based ingredients.

One of the most up to date Canadian Skin Care brand in Toronto is The Skin Care Queens. Not only is the line completely Vegan but most of the products are either USDA Certified Organic or most of the ingredients in the products are Organic.

The line is a perfect combination of the two.

In my opinion, the coming up trend in skin care is to start creating skin care lines that are Vegan, Organic but are either for dry skin or for oily skin, or provide both options with complete protocols and regimes: Day, Night, Eye Cleanser etc.

Posted by The Skin Care Queens, May 30, 2017 Posted in oily skin care products

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