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What Can Cause Adult Acne?
September 16, 2016

The cause for adult acne is different than teenage acne – not in the how but in the cause.

In both cases, acne is a result of increased sebum secretion.

The reasons is different: Teenagers get acne as a result of hormonal changes and genetics, food types etc.

In the case of adults, acne is caused by: Stress, work environment (emotional and physical factors),

Genetics and food, changes in life style, moving to a different climate.

In order to treat acne – we have to regulate sebum, the most effective way is by using skin care products that contain Vitamin B3.

Vitamin B3 goes directly for the cause of the acne occurring.

It is very important to remember, that step of all potential treatments is cleansing. Dirt may also be the first cause for the breakout. Keep you face clean at all times and in particular before applying any treatment product.

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