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What skin care products do you actually need - Combination skin care products

Often, we start thinking about our skin, what skin care products we have in our dresser or in our bathroom.

We are also constantly trying to understand our skin, reactions, breakouts, dry areas.

We should try and understand – what skin care products we actually need.

Obviously, the following four are the main types / categories for skin care products: Sensitive skin care products, combination skin care products, dry skin care products, normal skin care products.

I will address the first three. Please remember, that within the mentioned categories, we will find sub categories such as: Very Dry Skin, Mature and Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Acne Skin and so on.

Sensitive skin care products

these products are designed for people that react easily, breakout, have burning sensations and rashes as a result of skin contact with the product. Sensitive skin care products should be without AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acids). Sensitive skin care products should have little or no alcohol, no irritating exfoliating particles, and no chemicals.

It is important to include within the ingredients of sensitive skin care products – a high concentration of natural calming ingredients. The best ingredients would naturally be in Organic and Vegan skin care products.

Combination skin care products

this type of skin care products is made for people that identify their skin as dry in certain areas and oily in others – usually the oily part is the “T” zone, this area will experience occasionally some degree of breakouts.

Combination skin care products should have a less ingredient which are oil based. It is recommended to exfoliate the “T” zone area and the area around the nose at least once a week, That will balance the skin and reduce the degree of oiliness.

Dry skin care products

We should understand the cause and different types of dry skin.

Dry skin can be genetically, it can be a result of hormonal changes, work environment, age, health and climate. Dry climate and age have a huge impact on our skin type.

In order to match the correct dry skin care products – we must find out the reason for dryness and define what dry type skin. Dry skin may be as a result of dry winter weather or / and matured skin that may have been normal in the past.

It is important to note that the major ingredients in such skin care products should include oils, butters and fatty acids.

It is recommended to have a day cream for moisturizing and a night cream for nourishing and treating the skin while sleeping.

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