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Dr Kadir Collagen Serum

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Collagen serum

, advanced emulsion technology enables the development of this unique smooth and velvety texture. This preparation contains a high concentration of “micro-collagen “ (MatrixylTM), effective moisturizing ingredients and allantoin for the renewal of the cells. This

collagen serum

is non oily, absorbed immediately by the skin, and recommended to be used under any moisturizing or nourishing creams. It is important to remember that even the best anti aging night cream requires serum as booster.

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  • Paraben free
  • Smooth and velvety texture
  •  Non oily Hydrates
  • Absorbed immediately
  • Renews cell appearance
  • Can be applied under any moisturizing or nourishing cream
  • For all skin types Contains
  • Bio-pepteides
  • Stimulates Collagen production
  • Pleasant texture Light scent
  • Minimizes significantly the appearance of wrinkles

The New Collagen Serum is enriched with:

  • Hyaluronic acids
  • MatrixylTM
  •  Allantion
  • Vitamin E
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