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The Skin Care Queen's Skin Care Brands



The Skin Care Queen's mission is to supply businesses and consumers with amazing, high-quality skin care products at great prices. Learn more about our commitment to you here.

The Skin Care Queen imports and distributes two main brands of skin care products, Sea of Spa and Dr. Kadir Laboratories. Both brands have a variety of products and lines for all kinds of skin types.

Sea of Spa


Sea of Spa is a family business that began its operations at the Dead Sea in the late 1980s.

The company owns and develops a range of branded skin care & cosmetic products for the face and body.

Their products are based on a combination of unique Dead Sea minerals and vitamins, essential oils and natural plant extracts–the mission of Sea of Spa is to “take” the Dead Sea Cosmetics concept to a different and sophisticated level, delivering elegantly packed top performing products for retail and for treatment purposes.

Sea of Spa’s team includes a renowned and knowledgeable skin care experts including dermatologist, bio-chemists, and bio-technicians. The R&D department guarantees a constant launch of effective and highly innovative product lines.

Dr. Kadir Laboratories


Dr. Ron Kadir Laboratories Ltd. is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art, sophisticated, innovative skin care products.

The company has its roots in a family business which had been operating since the 1960’s as highly respected consultants to the cosmetic industry and reliable suppliers of superior quality raw materials.

Dr. Kadir Laboratories develops products according to the needs and quality standards of first-class beauty professionals worldwide.

The company is owned and directed by Dr. Ron kadir who earned his PhD from Tel Aviv University in 1987 for his research in the field of skin permeation.

Dr. Kadir conducted research projects in Leiden University, The Netherlands and in Bradford University, UK, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.