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Meet The Skin Care Queen's People

Ilan Halfon

Ilan Halfon

Upon his arrival in Canada in 2005, Ilan co-founded The Skin Care Queens.

Ilan is a certified Skin Care specialist by The Canadian Aesthetics Academy, and a certified trainer by Dr. Kadir Laboratories in Israel where he continually receives on- going training, knowledge and product updates.

In his vision, high quality products are just an added value to providing service and support to new and existing customers.

Engaging in many activities in the past such as personal training, Yoga teaching (which he occasionally teaches as a private teacher–in order to continually assist people to reach a higher level of healthy living and personal care) and various positions in the Hospitality industry, Ilan believes that any business is based on high level of service and the understanding of customer’s needs.

This belief drives Ilan to centre his activities on training our diverse customers.

Contact Ilan via email (ilan@mayavii.com) or phone (1.647.216.7078).


Irad Carpel

Irad Carpel

Irad is the co-founder of BN Natural Skin Care.

His North American Business education and his international corporate experience influence his ability to “think outside of the box” and at the same time maintain strong business foundations in the day to day operations of the company.

Irad has been involved for many years in the service industry; his accumulated experience influences his belief that the customer is the centre of all activities in any business.

Contact Irad via email (irad@mayavii.com) or phone (1.647.216.6975).


Ilan and Irad are strongly passionate about what their company stands for–this passion is reflected in the daily operation of The Skin Care Queens. The Skin Care Queen's mission is to supply businesses and consumers with amazing, high-quality skin care products at great prices. Learn more about our commitment to you here.