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Very Dry Skin

Dry skin is usually fine textured with a slightly dull appearance

. On closer inspection there may be some flaky or granulated sections evident, particularly around the corners of the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Dry skin often feels tight or mildly uncomfortable. Without daily attention and careful nurturing, dry skin has a tendency to wrinkle and become more brittle with age.

Skin characteristics: Dry skin, dull, lifeless skin, poor circulation, lack of minerals, dry scalp

Very dry skin

has a parched look caused by its lack of ability to retain moisture.

Characteristics of dry skin

are fine pores, dryness, fine lines, roughness, tight uncomfortable feeling, and dull appearance. If your skin feels like this, it's a fair bet you've got a very dry complexion. Also there can be temporary or permanent dryness caused by external elements such climatic conditions (dry cold, wind, sudden climate changes).

Skin characteristics: skin lacking tone, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, water retention, limp hair no volume, scalp lacking tone.