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Oily Skin Care Products

A skin requires oily skin care products if the skin is shiny and greasy, and prone to frequent acne break-outs even with frequent soap-water washes, then it is sure that you have oily skin. Large pores are one of the key features of oily skin. After each wash the skin feels refreshed and by the midday it even looks shiny, but the texture of the skin seems to be coarse and thick. The most important characteristic of oily skin is that it often has acne break-outs.

Skin characteristics: oily skin, hyper pigmentation, vital energy imbalance, black heads, oily scalp and hair.

It has been established that dead sea skin care products contain natural ingredients that balance the oily skin.

The best oil control products can be found in the following lines:

Black Pearl, Alternative Plus, New Collagen, Bio Spa, Light and B3.