Alexandra, what a royal name for a truly divine cream, once you press the pump the sweet orange peel scent comes right out, wait until you put it on the skin. I love the product in the morning; it is like an amazing wake up call. You can easily use Alexandra as a primer. Alexandra is a day cream – but it can easily become your all day cream.

Just apply a little Alexandra gently and massage it in, close your eyes and you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

The cream will soak right in – no stickiness or oily feeling – none.

Just as Annabella, Alexandra is so quick to absorb, that is a result of the ingredients that penetrate right to the lower layers of your skin and by that immediately enrich the skin and start to work upwards to eventually minimize the appearance of wrinkles, while all of the ingredients are completely Vegan and USDA Organic.

We highly recommend following these easy steps:

Always have you facial skin cleansed before applying any cream or gel. We will be happy if you use our own Beatrice, but every good quality vegan and natural cleanser will do.

After cleansing your face, you may apply first a couple of drops of serum massage them well into your skin and after a couple of minutes apply the cream.

Remember, cleansing first will reduce the chances of dirt being carried into the deeper layers of your skin.