Beatrice, yes, you do remember correctly, Beatrice is the former Queens of the Netherlands. Like its other “sisters” Beatrice contains this wave of Sweet Orange Peel fresh – but not only, once you add a few drops of water, right away you will practically “taste” the scent of real espresso mixed with Oranges.

We added coffee to stimulate your skin and renew your skin cells. This delightful blend of ingredients was designed to cleanse your face and at the same time provide your skin with top notch anti aging ingredients. The Fair Trade Organic Coffee beans are tiny but perform a gentle skin exfoliation, they really will leave your skin cleansed and silky.

Clearly not just another cleanser, when we asked the users of Beatrice about the first reaction when using it – everyone says “WOW you can really feel the espresso beans, look how little one really needs”.

You must remember, Beatrice is Organic so you must shake it well each time before use as organic ingredients separate and you really want the entire effect of the well blended cleanser.