When we searched for a name for our new light morning serum, we looking for a young but majestic and fun name.. clearly a name of a princess – Grace was the easiest choice.

The name like the serum is light, brings a sparkly glow to the face as one of our client and friend says:

“It is really so light and the bergamot scent of the serum really stays with me the whole morning …all I hear from people in the office and around is .. your skin is glowing.. one of my female colleagues discretely asked me if I just got pregnant.. and continued – this glow.. what is this.. are you….and my answer was no it is Grace”.

The light blend of this day serums is designed for all skin types, it intended for morning use – but most definitely can be used during the evening as well. No oily residue none. The carrier oils will just soak right in.

You will be amazed how far the 30ml bottle will go as all you need is just a drop. Grace is completely vegan, natural and proudly made in Toronto.