Matilda truly came to life because during the months before the serum was developed the stores that carry The Skin Care Queens line were asked if we also produce a all vegan and natural treatment serum for clearing impurities, treating all kind of acne and breakouts.

We started testing various blends until we created the perfect mix for you. The highlight in mix is a high concentration of Basil oil in combination with Grape seed Oil, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Apricot an peppermint. In order the balance the scents of therapeutic oils we added Bergamot.

Our customers claim that visible differences can be seen within two days of use, in their own words: “the Basil Oil really works.. why did I never try it before”. As one of wholesale clients in Downtown Toronto says – all you need is two drops twice a day.

Matilda is made right here in Toronto, it all vegan and natural. Always remember to cleanse you face well before use.