Who We Are

Life moves on and so do lifestyles.

We have been in the skin care business for twelve years – it is clear to us that our lifestyles, choices and believes are completely integrated in our business plans, goals and executions.

We started our business as importers and distributors of middle – high end skin care.

A few years ago Ilan became a Yoga teacher and an intense believer that whatever we do has a huge impact on our surroundings. A few years later, after being exposed to the ongoing animal abuse in all industries: Food, cosmetics and apparel – we became vegan.

Avoiding meat, fish and dairy became our way of life.

It was the natural next step to start directing our business and particular the products we sell and now produce to meet our own life style criteria.

We discovered that for our wholesale customers as well as for retail customers – the importance of buying Canadian has become paramount.

At that moment we decided to proudly start manufacturing right here in Toronto, Canada completely Vegan and mostly Organic skin care line.

Thus is how THE SKIN CARE QUEENSTM came to life.